Fat, Black & Sad

A Black person draped in red curtain lying on kitchen counter.

Fat, Black, & Sad, Written and performed by Destiny Adeyemi, Directed by Sumayyah Wong, 2020, UK, 2:00 minutes

“Fat, Black, & Sad” explores fatphobia, healthism, and Destiny Adeyemi’s own experiences as a fat, Black person. With this film, they hope to open up a discussion about how fatphobia works through anti-Blackness and racism in medicine. The film was commissioned by the Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning’s Subject to Change: New Horizons programme. You can read an interview with Destiny about the poem and the process of making it in Dazed.


Destiny Adeyemi is a poet and spoken word performer, a Slambassadors 2018 Winner, a member of The Octavia Poetry Collective and was in the 18/19 Barbican Young Poets programme. They live in London performing at local open mics and poetry events. Their poetry takes inspiration from their Nigerian upbringing, personal experiences and intersectional feminist beliefs.


Sumayyah Wong is a filmmaker, art historian, philosophy student, and massive Allan Sekula fan based in London, UK. You can reach them via email at sumayyah.wong@gmail.com.

This film will be available between 19-25 April 2021.