Art Gallery

Here you will find a selection of artworks kindly shared with us by members of Cambridge Community Arts (CCA). The following statement from Jane Rich, CEO of CCA, accompanies this exhibition:


“Cambridge Community Arts (CCA) improves mental health and wellbeing through creative arts learning. Founded in 2014 we have worked with over 800 people who manage complex health (mental and/or physical) conditions. For many, their health is further impacted by loneliness and economic hardship.

CCA runs a variety of creative arts courses in visual, digital, and performing arts that are designed to be inclusive and fun. There is a ‘safe’ supportive environment: courses are based in the community, run by experienced practising artists and are for small groups of under 10 people. By appealing to a person’s creative self, courses help them to build achievement, self-belief, and a peer group. Groups often form strong bonds built on a shared creative interest and empathy. When courses come to an end, CCA supports them to continue to meet and create together as a club, that is sustainable and eventually self-managed. In this way we are building healthier communities empowered by their own creativity. We also provide coaching for those who want to return to work or education.

The work displayed at this exhibition is by a variety of artists who have completed courses with CCA including founder members of the CCA Arts Collective, our first club started in 2015 that continues to meet to this day, with new members joining each year.

For further details of our work visit or contact Jane Rich, CEO”


All artworks are copyright of the artists. If you are interested in purchasing any of the artworks, please contact Christine ( for a price list.


Annette Bee - Madingley Windmill LR

Annette Bee – Madingley Windmill

Annette Bee – Classical horse

Bryan Johnson – Ink dreams 1

Bryan Johnson – Ink dreams 2

Bryan Johnson – Ink dreams 3

Carole Middleton – Mrs Robin

Carole Middleton – No 13

Carole Middleton – Time Traveller

Cat Goryn – Never Forget You

Cat Goryn – Sorry I couldn’t be there

Cat Goryn – Won’t you call me

Cathy Noble – Bookcase

Cathy Noble – Trees

Cathy Noble – Apples

Darren Fitzpatrick – Church Window

Darren Fitzpatrick – Dove

Darren Fitzpatrick – Scooter Black & White

Gill Drake – Pregnant Ant

Gill Drake – Held in Fin

Gill Drake – Contents of Tents

Ian Henderson – Malvern Gatehouse

Ian Henderson – Newnham College

Josh McCormack – Hidden shapes

Josh McCormack – The Drive

Josh McCormack – The Lane

Lauren Van-Zwanenberg – Ocean song

Lauren Van-Zwanenberg – Voyage II

Lil Middleton – Rainbow Fairy

Lil Middleton – Sing

Lil Middleton – Snow Bee

Mairin Lennon – Flying Saucers

Mairin Lennon – Spring

Mairin Lennon Summer