Fear of the Unknown

Photo of sun rising on grassy hill

Fear of the Unkown, by Daniel Brereton, 2019, UK, 6:33 minutes

“Fear of the Unknown” is the first film in a series of short documentaries Daniel Brereton has made, exploring the subject of mental health. Fear of the Unknown is the story of an old friend of Daniel’s who spent years never leaving his home. Imprisoned by his depression, it wasn’t until a therapist suggested they have their sessions whilst walking in the hills, that he was finally able to see the world from an objective viewpoint. The film captures the young man in his sanctuary, the Lake District mountains, as he narrates to the viewer his complex journey.

In England, 1 in 8 men have a common mental health problem and are often reluctant to seek support or share their issues with people around them. This is an issue Daniel wishes to make more people aware of.

Daniel Brereton: I am deeply thankful to my friend for sharing his story, and I am compelled to share it with people, as it could help in some way. It has definitely helped me. With that, the aim of the film is to create a dialogue with people who may have similar issues and encourage them to speak out to loved ones or professionals. I also hope that people who do not have any mental health problems gain insight from the films, helping them to help people they know who are going through difficult times.

Daniel Brereton is a filmmaker and for the past 15 years has made critically acclaimed music videos, commercials and fashion projects. Artists he has worked with include Bastille, Snow Patrol and The Vaccines, and brands such as Head and Shoulders, Timberland and Stella McCartney.

Daniel recently embarked on an exciting time in his career focusing on and making documentary films. This work has focused on issues that are important to him, including mental health, the environment, and less seen stories from people on the margins of society.

This film will be available between 19-25 April 2021.