Our Conference

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, our original conference is now taking place as a festival of virtual events over the week of 19 – 23 April 2021. Details can be found below – and events signed-up for here.

BSL interpreters and live captioning will be available at all of these events


Monday 19 April


16.00-17.30 (BST) – Panel Discussion: Covid and Mental Health


Nadia Mbonde (New York University)
Visions of Black Futurity: The Politics of Self and Community Care at the Intersection of the Double Pandemic of Covid-19 and Police Brutality

Lois Liao (London School of Economics)
Do you see what I see?: Applying Pierre Bourdieu’s Theories to the Intersectional Research of Social Class, Race and Mental Health

Cassie Lovelock (London School of Economics)
Covid-19, Mental Health Carers and Increased Dependency; How are Carers Coping?

Peter Unwin & Joy Rooney (Worcester University)
Effects of Covid-19 on the Mental Health of a University-Based Group of Service Users and Carers


Tuesday 20 April


17.00-18.00 (BST) – Panel Discussion: Black Mental Health


Aude Konan (they/them) (Writer and Playwright)

Furaha Asani (she/her) (Researcher, Teacher and Mental Health Advocate)

Maya McFarlane (she/her) (Women’s and Non-Binary Officer of the CUSU BME Campaign)


18.30-20.00 (BST) – Session 1: Psychiatry and Other Systems


Paper 1: Wendy Burn & Adrian James
The Stigma of Mental Illness, A View From the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Paper 2: Ruth Smith and Anna Smith
Chemical Imbalance or Social Power Imbalance?

Paper 3: Neil Armstrong and Lamis Bayar
Power and Its Surprises: Locating and Dis-locating Asymmetries in Mental Healthcare

Paper 4:  Simon Duffy
Peer Supporter as Leaders in Community Development

Local Journey 1: Wendy Joyce Clarke


Wednesday 21 April


14.30-16.00 (BST) – Session 2: Activism and Hope

Paper 5: Samuel Hosking
Lessons to be Learned from the Experience of Funding Cuts to Mental Health Services at Lifecraft

Paper 6: Keira Pratt-Boyden
Stigma and Social Power: Mental Health Activism in London

Paper 7: Liz Rotherham
Building Resilience

Paper 8: Annie Whilby


18.30-20.00 (BST) – Keynote Session 1

Keynote: Imogen Tyler


Thursday 22 April


13.00-14.30 (BST) – Session 3: Social Inequalities and Justice

Paper 9: Rianna Walcott
On Mental Health Support Access and Treatment Outcomes for Black Patients

Paper 10: Peter Beresford
Challenging the Psychiatrisation of Politics and the Politics of Psychiatry

Paper 11: Helen Spandler
Restorative Justice: A Radical Aproach to Mental Health Reform?

Paper 12: Dorothy Gould
We Want Power Too: Perspectives from Service Users and Survivors from LGBTQ+ Communities


16.00-17.30 (BST) – Stigma and Survival

Paper 13: Sonji Shah and Nicole McIntosh
Peer Support and Abolition

Local Journey 2: Jo Fox

Paper 14: Helen Spandler
Hidden from History? Lesbian’s Experience of Psychiatry

Local Journey 3: Michael Brown


Friday 23 April


17.30-19.00 (BST) – Keynote Session 2

Keynote: Rai Waddingham
Listening to ‘Mad’ Voices in a Crazy World